by admin on May 7, 2013

esme is not the sort who tends to win things at raffles, unlike christophe’s girlfriend, who actually won a car.  note to the wise:  when you win a free car, you still have to pay the sales tax, licensing fees, etc.  however, every once in a lifetime even the not-so-lucky luck out.  esme had popped into LLOYD’S shoes on ocean ave. in carmel to see if she could find a particular pair of naot sandals.  turns out they were having an ANYI LU trunk show, and one could enter a lottery to win a free pair of ANYI LU shoes just for trying on the new fall line-up.  esme almost passed, as ANYI LU’s tend to be a bit narrow for her toes.  but what the heck.  it seemed like a fine enough thing to do to on a late saturday afternoon.

imagine her surprise when she received a call the next day that she had won the free shoes!!  and she could choose her pair from any available at the store.  friends, these are not any old shoes.  these are $400 shoes!  esme wondered if she’d have to pay the sales tax.  so, feeling elated and even a tad guilty/chagrined, she returned to choose her prize.  and guess what?  if any of you have tried to park in downtown carmel  you know how difficult it can be.  well, esme found a parking space right exactly infront of LLOYD’S!

as it turned out, there were about 4 pairs of shoes in esme’s size and with heels she could tolerate.  omg, if she could even have worn a little 2 inch heel, the choices would have been boundless.  she obsessed for quite some time among the 4 pairs–2 slides, a loafer and a pair of black sandals.  all would have been pretty wonderful.  in the end, she decided upon the sandals, as her wardrobe in completely lacking in any shoe (sandal or otherwise) that is at all dressy.  she can’t wait to wear them with a dress!

so readers, go down to LLOYD’S and put your name on their email list.  they’ll notify you of sales, trunk shows, etc.  if esme can win a pair of shoes, anyone can.

trippin’ the light fantastic,



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