by admin on May 17, 2013

my long-time reader, phashion plate, tells me that gatsby parties are all the rage these days.  haven’t been invited to any myself, but then i haven’t yet seen the movie either.  mixed reviews not withstanding, esme is determined to see it, if only for the clothes–the 20’s are my absolute favorite fashion era.

i did get a little taste of costume party when i attended an event at the carmel women’s club last month.  the theme was “hollywood glamor” and many patrons were dressed to the nines.  my favorite was a simple flapper outfit in black, complete with pearls, bag, and feather boa.  the wearer explained that all but the pearls were thrifted–brilliant!

and then there were the hats.  these lovely ladies were hawking hats and insisted that even a short, crop-haired, small-headed person like esme could pull off a hat if it were just the right one.  how i would love to believe that!  i did try a few on, but needless to say i came away hatless.  guess i’m just the tilley hat sort at heart (or would that be at head?).

hatless in carmel,




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