by admin on May 21, 2013

esme tends to fall in love with a new item of clothing and wear it to death for a few months before putting it back in the usual rotation.  this certainly happened with her elsewhere black leather vest.  the leather is buttery-soft and it’s just short and fitted enough to add shape and structure to various voluminous pants.  on foggy days esme wears it over a figure-hugging ballet top.  on our few warm days it can be worn over a tank top.  you can zip it up, wear it open, or take it off and hang it over your chair, depending on the state of your personal thermostat.

the vest was just-the-right thing with esme’s silk skirt-pants and a tank for the grand opening of esme’s nephew’s art show.  the fabulous prints were in black and white, and esme was in black and flesh….she felt quite arty all around.  with dress-to-kill cotton pants and long sleeves she felt professional with an edge at a psychology conference.  she switched out the pants for the skirt-pants for her luncheon at the carmel women’s club—ah…. so…..youthful. 

indeed, the little black vest has taught esme a valuable lesson:  bottoms with volume are best with tight, cropped tops (at least on esme).  i’ve been hearing about this principle for years, but now i GET it!

sometimes a bit slow but always ready to learn,



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