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there is something about attending a wedding that makes even the most confident fashionista quail.  take, for instance, a swimming buddy of esme’s who requested consultation about what the wear to a wedding with a cowgirl theme.  this woman is one of the better dressers around, her outfits often evoking oooh’s and aaah’s in the locker room.  and yet, the cowgirl wedding has thrown her for a loop.

esme herself (who did not have to actually attend the wedding) got all excited.  she pictured some short little booties reminiscent of cowboy boots but cooler.  maybe a wide skirt.  a fringed leather jacket.  a hat.  what fun!  meanwhile, her friend discarded one possibility after another.  nothing seemed quite right.  now why did a simple cowgirl wedding have this confident woman quaking in her boots??

perhaps it has something to do with the wedding photos.  one will be immortalized for generations in whatever outfit one chooses….just imagining the grandnieces, great grandnieces, and great great grandnieces gawping at the photos in decades to come is enough to give one pause.

maybe it’s because one is dressing, not just for oneself but for the bride and groom.  an outfit shows respect and regard for the wedding party and should not be solely a reflection of one’s personal taste.

esme wonders if the most important factor here might not be TRADITION.  a wedding is one of the very few remaining traditional occasions that we americans attend.  as such it has a symbolic importance beyond its external trappings.  at the same time, we seem intent on deconstructing tradition (planning a cowgirl wedding, for example!).  what is a woman of a certain age to do?  esme wonders whether gen’s x and y’s have as much trouble with wedding attire as we do.  thoughts, readers?

in the meantime, esme came up with a few cowgirl wedding ideas.  how about shoes like this, for instance??

hi ho silver!



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