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esme nipped into the local bookstore (i should say THE one bookstore remaining in the whole area), RIVER HOUSE BOOKS, to buy a present for a friend.  what did she encounter but a talk and book signing by karen kondazian, author of THE WHIP.  no, it’s not a sequel to FIFTY SHADES…, nor a commentary on the local BDSM scene (is there one?).  it’s the riveting story of a stage-coach driver renowned for his skill and daring, who, after his death was found to be a woman.

at one point the author queried the audience as to whether any had ever wished to pass for a man.  many female hands went up. esme thought for awhile and realized that this fantasy had never even occurred to her.  esme just would not have made a great man.  she’s too small, too sensitive, too high-strung and just too……chicken.

however, she has always admired certain aspects of men’s clothing.  how she longs for a tweed blazer just like those of mr. noir.  sturdy, a bit prickly, and smelling of scottish sheep, these blazers hold an indescribable magic for esme.  she’s never found a female equivalent, and she’s just too petite to fit into even the smallest of men’s sizes.

i do have a friend, about my size, who somehow manages to buy men’s blazers at thrift shops and wear them with aplomb….maybe it’s because she can sew.  she can even carry off using a colorful tie as a belt!

how about you, readers.  even wanted to pass as a man??




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