by admin on June 23, 2013

esme herself is not much of a traveler (well, that’s putting it mildly).  however, she does love travel clothes, and every time she ventures outside the county (that’s county, not country), she takes it as an excuse to do a little shopping.  even though she was not planning a trip, she just had to try on the crinkle cotton travel dress she kept passing in the window of CHARTREUSE (2nd floor, carmel plaza).  it’s the latest in the quelqueschoses line of crinkle cotton clothing, and perfect for a summer expedition.  the design is simple:  a slim bodice, SLEEVES (yes!), a wide skirt that can be adjusted at the bottom with a tie.  all in an airy wrinkle-proof cotton that can be scrunched up into a fetching little bag no bigger than your fist.  on a chilly day, the dress can be worn with leggings or boots.  it can be dressed up with heeled sandals and a scarf (CHARTREUSE also has some great scarves).  or dressed down with no shoes at all.  in a pinch (let’s say your plane was delayed 12 hrs., or they lost your luggage), i suppose you could even sleep in it and still awaken looking fresh and beautifully crinkled.

quelqueschoses crinkle cotton looks good on young and old.  why just the other day esme noted an attractive woman in her ’70’s sipping a martini at the yacht club bar and sporting a white crinkle blouse with red stitching–very flattering.  each season sees themes and variations on the original crinkle cotton blouses, with new colors and tweaks to the design.

esme does owe you a disclaimer:  the designer (who eschews self-promotion) has become a good friend and esme is happy to promote her shamelessly.

traveling only in my dreams,



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