by admin on July 6, 2013

esme has received lots of inquiries about the red boots she pictured in her last post.  indeed they were a great find:  a pair of arche “archettes” on sale at hedi’s on ocean ave. in carmel.  arche tends to run a tad narrow in the toes, so these boots are a size larger than esme might usually wear, which works well with boots and not so well with other shoes.  the leather lining inside is seamless, making for a soft and comfortable walking experience.  they are water resistant, and the tops can be folded up or down according to need.

the bad news is that hedi’s is sold out of them, and an on-line search revealed only one pair in the u.s.–a size 36 at overstock.  a german website carries them, but i imagine the shipping might be prohibitive.  if you are longing for a pair, your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled at small shoe boutiques, and hope that arche will re-issue these boots for fall.

esme can’t help thinking about her mother when she thinks of boots.  her uncle used to call her “boots” and would chant “boots boots boots marching up and down again” as she passed.  but we all know that we LOVE boots.

especially red ones,



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