by admin on July 9, 2013

unlike red boots, orange pants are not a crucial part of every woman’s wardrobe.  even esme would have to admit to that one.  however, what happens if you find a totally adorable pair of OSKA orange pants on sale for 70% off at sylvie’s? what if it’s the absolute tail end of summer sales everywhere?  and to make matters worse, your husband and various chums approve of the photo you took of the pants?  well, you’ve simply got to go back, see if they’re still there, and try them on again.

which is how esme ended up with a pair of bright orange pants that she wore out to dinner that same night.  she paired them with her almost-universally-useful ANTHROPOLOGIE black tank top/camisole, a pair of highly discounted DONALD PLINER black flats that she also snagged at the last minute, and a rather strange black duster-like thing called a “shirt-dress” from IVAN GRUNDAHL that she just couldn’t resist.  mr. noir was not keen on the black duster (“what is it FOR??”), but he approved the rest of the outfit. 

orange pants are not a great way to walk around incognito.  but if you cover them up with a black duster, you can just flash them at yourself periodically to elevate your mood.  i will tell you that there’s one pair left at sylvie’s, so……

go bargain-hunting,



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