by admin on July 11, 2013

some friends took us to a sunday buffet dinner at their club, the exclusive mpcc.  while there, esme spotted a most attractive outfit–a fitted but fluid silk top and skirt with an unusual patchwork pattern worn by a youthful woman of a certain age.  it turns out that this woman had just come back from climbing mt. something-or-other in nepal (have i mentioned that geography is not esme’s forte?), where she had purchased her clothes.  no, the shops were not at the mountain’s peak, although even if they were, i’m afraid you could not pay esme a million dollars to risk life, limb and oxygenation to climb such a mountain.  however, she could only gawp in admiration for this petite female who had climbed the highest peaks and still come out looking like a fashion plate.

about the mpcc.  a gorgeous club with charming spanish-style buildings and gentle views of golf course and ocean.  great sunday buffet.  esme might even fantasize about joining, but guess what?  they don’t have a swimming pool!  can you imagine???  i think a lovely indoor/outdoor pool, 50 meters or so with a view of the sea, perhaps filled with salt-water and kept at a comfy 83% would be just the ticket for a club like this, don’t you agree?

what is a club without a pool??




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