by admin on August 23, 2013

as you can tell, esme has been in a bit of a shopping slump.  paradoxically enough, part of the reason is that she has finally settled on a “look” that works for her (at least for now), and all she really needs are a few pieces here and there to fill in the gaps.  the look consists of a silhouette and a color palette.  the silhouette:  loose, bell-shaped bottoms (pants or skirts) and fitted, short, neutral tops.  the color palette:  a grouping of blacks and greys and another grouping of oranges/blues/mustards.  at the moment esme is heavy on pants and light on tops.  she ends up wearing her gap favorite tees, her AMB ballet top, or her anthropology tank with almost everything.  many of the tops in stores these days are long and loose, requiring fitted pants or leggings.  esme has learned the hard way that such tops, even in fab colors, do not work with her flowing bottoms!

however, i just could not resist stocking up on a few more bottoms when i saw that GAP is carrying their boyfriend cords again.  these sold out entirely last year and i managed to grab the last pair in the universe (size 2R, mustard).  they have been such favorites that, like a greatly loved teddy bear, they are threatening to fall apart at the seams.  they’re only available on line at present, but if you’ve been longing for a pair, hurry and check it out.

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