by admin on September 24, 2013

i had forgotten all about this deplorable mugshot until i had lunch with an old college colleague.  this was someone i hadn’t actually known in college and in fact had never met before, but had connected with on facebook.  he and his wife were in town and we decided to meet tete-a-tete.  we were blabbing away about old-times when he happened to mention that the freshman directory, which had photos of the incoming class, was called the facebook.  this was a fact that i had not only forgotten but had completely repressed.  unbidden it came to me that my photo must have been the same horrible shot that graced my freshman i.d.  nooooooooo!  do you mean to tell me that that photo is preserved in eternity for all to see?  and not only that, but a person i’d never met before REMEMBERS it as though it were yesterday??  if you think an embarrassing photo on facebook is bad, imagine one in print!  oh the humiliation!

for a while i couldn’t bear to look at this photo.  i was planning to write this blog without it, or blot out the face.  however, i suppose time heals all wounds and when i dug it out of hiding this morning i could see that it even had a redeeming feature:  the faint smile playing about the young woman’s lips and not quite reaching her eyes.

on the whole, however, it’s a portrait of a person in dire need of a make-over.  the esme of yore is wearing THE MOST unflattering little yellow and white striped t-shirt (not her colors) with an uncharming little mock turtle-neck (not her shape).  her hair is flattened to her head by the early september humidity and seems to straggle out from some sort of odd ponytail.  she’s not wearing a shred of make-up (well, that one is age-appropriate), and a stringy necklace (an ank on a leather chain given to her by a friend) adorns her foreshortened neckline.

so you can see that fashion was not esme’s strong point in her early adult years.  she was good at all sorts of things, but visual composition was not one of them.  in true jungian style, her middle years have been devoted to developing her undeveloped sides.  what fashion sense she has attained has been the result, not of natural talent, but of unrelenting experimentation and study (i.e. lots of shopping).

which just goes to show that it’s never too late to learn.

now if i could just go back in time and be granted a re-do of that photo-op…..or maybe photoshop every single version still in existence…….

alas, what’s done is done,



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