by admin on October 7, 2013

as you know, esme is recovering from anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF in medical lingo).  one thing she had not counted on was a (one hopes) temporary inability to do and undo her bras.  even attempting to hook said bra from the front created an unpleasant pain in the neck.  there was nothing for it but to request the assistance of the indomitable mr. noir.  so now we have a twice-daily ritual.  i emerge from the bedroom and traipse through the house in search of my hubby.  once i locate him, i present my posterior aspect (my back, that is) for hooking.  i imagine it must take mr. noir back to his teenage years.  and really, it’s been kinda fun.  i’m just glad that the bras in my collection are real beauties.  some years ago i swore off purely functional bras and have been amassing a collection of european lovelies, mostly from INTIMA, mostly on sale.   you know those bumper stickers that say NO BAD WINE?  maybe i need one that says NO UGLY BRAS!!!

finding a little something to enjoy amidst an unjoyful episode,


photo courtesy of mr. noir


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