by admin on October 21, 2013

when i’m looking for a coat i don’t usually think of cole haan. but mr. noir and i happened to be out and about in carmel plaza when we bumped into a friend who was shopping for, of all things, a coat, in the cole haan store.  she showed it to us on the rack—a tailored affair in dark tweed with accents of felt and leather.  i insisted she try it on.  oh my.  it looked stunning on and fit her to a tee.  best of all it had this knit collar that could be zipped and unzipped to various degrees–perfect for our windy coastal winters where the absence of a collar can make you regret leaving the house.  (as you might guess, having recently survived neck surgery, esme is particularly sensitive to fashion issues involving the neck!)  indeed, the coat looked so killer that esme had to do a little sportshopping and try it on herself.  even though she is of completely different shape, size and coloring from her friend, the coat looked pretty darn good on esme herself, if she did say so.

esme was happy to hear that her friend had decided to “pull the trigger” on the coat.  and now esme has something on her wishlist.  the real fun of shopping is craving.  if there’s nothing to want, well…why shop?

coveting again,



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