by admin on November 12, 2013

so here we have a temporary version of the first titanium cervical plate necklace, temporary because it’s tied with an elastic cord while esme seeks just the right rubber or perhaps silk cord.  pretty fetching, don’t you think?  i wore it out to dinner last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  virtually weightless, it has a nice feel that entices one to keep caressing it…perhaps a genie will emerge eventually.  it had occurred to me that such a necklace might serve to attract or at least identify neurosurgeons (not that i need one at the moment!);  if i’m out and about and see a rather tired looking individual whip around with a WTF? expression on their face while staring at my neck, it will be safe to assume that i’ve caught a neurosurgeon in my radar–who else would know what that pendant really is?

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