by admin on December 4, 2013

well readers, so sorry to be out of touch. i seem to have been on an unintentional “shopping fast.”  many shoppers do this to control compulsive shopping, and i have to admit, it’s not a bad idea.  mine, however, just happened.  i had not purchased so much as a single sock for over two months.  imagine.  the longer i went without shopping, the better it felt—kind of like counting up one’s aa chips, i suppose.  it took a trip to santa monica on a rainy black friday to make me break my fast.  there we were, driving around in the drizzle, looking for parking, when what did i spy with my little eye but a store labeled BABETTE and a sign saying SALE.  my mouth started to water and my heart-rate went up.  This designer creates unique but classic separates in crinkled and pleated microfiber (or, as our salesperson later explanied, “poly and her sister ester”).  i’ve admired BABETTE for years at PACIFIC RIM in carmel, but have never actually bought anything.  i keep waiting for my favorite pieces to go on sale and before i know it they’re gone.

after what seemed like hours we parked and i dragged mr. noir through the drear to opine.  fortunately, there was a nice couch where he could recline while opining.  the sale rack (50% off!) looked small to the naked eye, but there were treasures to be found.  several items in my size beckoned–a dark gray blouse, gray pleated pants, an eggplant mesh top.  i even snagged a lovely gray tweed jacket with an eggplant border from the full-price racks just for kicks.  in the end, i must have tried on 20 pieces, thanks to a patient salesperson and a comfy couch.

the gray blouse was an immediate hit.  it was joined by two pairs of pleated pants in different shades of gray, and the eggplant mesh top.  i could have kept going and going but one must stop somewhere.  not only that, but mr. noir was getting restless and i was feeling lightheaded.  i attributed this to a shopping high, but it later turned out to be a virus.

i do feel a bit of regret at sullying the purity of my shopping fast.  on the other hand, i wore the blouse and pants out to dinner and received a nice compliment from mr. noir’s best friend.

what next?



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