by admin on January 11, 2014

i bought this coat on a trip to mendocino in maybe…1986.  it’s a multicolored donegal tweed with lots of blue, made by HOURIHAN of ireland.  mr. noir just loves this coat, but for some reason i wore it rarely in the old days.  i preferred my various black coats, as i was usually wearing black.  mr. noir was always guilt-tripping me about it.  and by anyone’s rule (give away anything you haven’t worn for 6 months–lol!) it would have been on someone else’s back long ago.  i mean i’ve had this coat for 28 years!  however, during a recent spell of cold dry weather, i dug the mendocino coat out of the closet.  hmmmm….great with jeans and a black smartwool sweater.  not bad with black voluminous pants.  and the coat looks like new.  perhaps it’s come into it’s own after all these years!

above is a portrait of esme taken by mr. noir for his black and white photo class.  you can’t see the entire coat but i think you get the flavor.  very walking-on-the-moors-in-a-contemplative state.  rather jane eyre if you will.  a little on-line research shows that HOURIHAN is still in existence.  however, these days they specialize in capes.  so i guess my mendocino coat is irreplacable.

never be too hasty in giving away something good…..which is why my closet is full to the overflowing!



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