by admin on January 17, 2014

esme was quite thrilled when another visit to her neurosurgeon netted her a whole new collection of surgical hardware.  i mean how cool is that???  alas there were no more delicate little titanium cervical plates to be had, but the chunkier lumbar gizmos had potential…. and lots of holes.  my eye was immediately drawn to these fetching stainless steel bolts. i strung 6 or 7 of them on a cord et voila!!!  this piece has a kind of geometrical, art deco look, and calls to mind one of my favorites, a heavy mexican silver necklace from 40’s.  i’m experimenting with the number of beads:  7 looked good but was a bit heavy on the neck….imagine the irony if a lumbar necklace lead to another cervical surgery!! nooo….so, 6 seemed like a good compromise.  i wore this necklace quite happily around town the other day and received lots of inquiries.  didn’t catch any neurosurgeons though….



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