by admin on January 26, 2014

esme had kinda/sorta sworn off jeans awhile ago, hoping to replace them with voluminous pants, over-sized cords, skirts and the like.  but like storms in winter (are you listening nature?) the need for jeans seems to cycle inevitably through the female psyche–a force impervious to reason, argumentation or bribes.  so i found myself (again) shopping for the perfect jeans, an endeavor akin to bikini shopping–laborious, frustrating, and revealing of body flaws you’d forgotten you had.  to make matters worse, it turns out that this is the year of of the “skinny skinny jean.”  and here i thought we were moving towards sanity and volume.  nope.  GAP alone has 4 or 5 varieties of skinny jeans in 5 or 6 washes and colors.  oy.  must be a conspiracy by the makers of monostat and gyne-lotrimin (just kidding).

so i found a couple of these skinnies on various sales racks and decided it couldn’t hurt to try them on.  no one would call my legs fat;  indeed, you could almost say they were skinny.  but these jeans, even sized up, made my calves feel like polish sausages.  couldn’t wait to get them off. phew.

curious about the classics, i made a brave expedition to MACY’S to try on LEVI’s.  the variations and  permutations of these jeans are enough to fill several racks.  undaunted, i flipped through and pulled several that had the right look.  20 or so pairs later, with a sore neck and denim-stained fingers, i could only conclude that i was not a levi’s gal (well i never have been so why should i be surprised).  i restrained myself from trying on every other brand in the store, and limped back to the car just in time to stave off a call to 911.

can’t wait to find out what happened next?  hold your horses—it’ll be here in it’s own good time.

all shopped out for now,



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