by admin on February 18, 2014

i recall learning about “the good enough mother” in graduate school.  i lost track of it again in the throws of early motherhood. however,  i suppose i must have been a good enough mother in my day, as our son seems to have turned out remarkably well in spite of my many mistakes.

let us apply the same concept to jeans.  nothing is perfect.  the quest for the perfect jean will land you in the looney bin if you take it too literally.  thus it came to pass that when i stumbled upon a little COOKIE JOHNSON “wisdom” skinny ankle pant that looked quite good and was also rather comfy i said to myself……this jean is good enough.  i had to go back and try it on a couple of times (natch) to reassure myself.  indeed, it had been the first pair of jeans that i had tried (at a boutique in carmel called B REAL) when i started my quest.  but it really did look good (mr. noir agreed) and it really was amazingly comfortable for a pair of pants whose rise was not 3 inches too long! and i’m being real.

speaking of rise, that seems to be the crucial measurement for me.  i want my pants to hit just below the belly button and to have just a bit of breathing room at the crotch line.  the CJ jeans have an 8-/12 inch rise–my sweet spot and quite difficult to find.

mind you they are not perfect.  first of all, they’re quite spendy.  and any normal person would probably have bought the next smaller size (which was not in the store).  after a few wearings the waist needs to be held up with a belt.  the wash is a bit too dark. etc. etc.  but hey, i find myself wanting to wear them every day.  now THAT is the mark of a good enough jean.

CJ jeans can be found in B REAL in carmel, NORDSTROM, NM and on-line at ZAPPOS and AMAZON.

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