by admin on March 5, 2014

i suppose that’s how purses started out:  as portable pockets for the pocketless.  what i’ve been longing for with a kind of quiet desperation is just the right little purse-on-a-belt that i could sling around my waist or hips.  i do NOT mean those horrible fabric hiking hipsters with little zippers and bulges (fanny packs i think they were called) that make one look like a waistless bumpkin.  oy…worse than mom jeans for destroying a look.  i have quite a collection of those gathering dust in my closet.  no.  this one would be made of the most butter-soft leather.  it would lie flat on the body with minimal bulk.  it could live on a soft belt, or attach to a waistband.  it would be a (slightly eccentric) fashion statement rather than a killer of style.

i notice that cross-body purses are becoming popular, and this is a good start.  the bag pictured above (at SHE in the carmel crossroads) is a cross-body purse that i’ve tied around my waist.  the leather is soft, it sits smoothly on the hip, and it’s small but not too small.  all it needs is a belt instead of a shoulder-strap!  i don’t know about you, but even a cross-body bag starts to bother my neck after a while, and  although they are hands-free, they can bonk unexpectedly into the hors d’oeuvres table if you’re not careful!

a few statement waist-purses have appeared on the runways.  these, however cool, are gigantic, and not practical for daily wear.  shrink them up a bit and we’d have something!

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