by admin on March 20, 2014

is it possible that after all these months i have actually found the perfect waist purse??? and so close to home!  i happened to bop into the BOTTEGA VENETA store in the carmel plaza the other day just to salivate over the beautiful woven leathers when the salesperson asked me if i was looking for anything special (a standard opening line).  throwing caution to the wind i replied that i was indeed looking for a little purse to wear on a belt.  little did i imagine that they would have heard of such a thing, much less have one in inventory.  but guess what?  BV makes just such a purse, and the other saleswoman was wearing one!  cute, right-sized, black….omg!  they did not have one in the shop, but offered to find one.  yesterday i got the call–waist purse in store.  there is only one teeny tiny little problem.  i’ll bet you can guess what it is.  this little number is VERY spendy.  i plan to try it on, search for it on ebay, wonder if i can find it on sale somewhere, obsess about it until it’s gone most likely.

be careful what you wish for,



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