by admin on March 31, 2014

for years i’ve been looking for a nice pair of baggy sweatpants with cuffs–you know, the old-fashioned kind with a white cord at the waist, plenty of room in the rise, and cuffs or elastic at the ankles.  these disappeared from women’s retail….oh….in the nineties i suppose.  and i am simply too small to wear the men’s version.  the last pair i had was one i wore when i was pregnant with my son (now 23).  there are photos of us coming home from the hospital with me in what turned out to be my very last pair of sweatpants with cuffs.  i wore them until they decomposed.

now what you have is yoga pants.  these are a very different animal.  usually made of some kind of clingy, spandex-y material, they are tight at the hips and thighs, short of rise, and often end in a wide expanse of fabric at the ankle which is inevitably 3 inches too long for the likes of me.  one’s ankles can breath, but that’s about it.  and i refuse to take my sweats to a tailor for hemming.  that’s the advantage of cuffs at the ankles–the short of leg can wear them gently draped over the cuff with no need for shortening.

however, a ray of hope has appeared on the fashion horizon:  dressy pants with cuffs.  mags such as VOGUE show high-end, silky “track pants” complete with dropped crotch, elastic waist, and cuffed ankles.  imagine.  these have yet to make it into the world of fleece sweats for $29.99–believe me, i’ve checked–but maybe they’ll be coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

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