by admin on May 13, 2014


suddenly, jolie laide footwear is all the rage.  for summer, this stampede is lead by the iconic birkenstock.  i remember when birkenstocks first hit the big time.  i was living in san francisco and there was a little store on columbus ave. that sold nothing but birkies.  i tried to love them, but somehow they were never comfortable on my foot.  however, years later i discovered the french version:  mephisto sandals.  i had a wonderful pair in black suede.  they looked for all the world like a more delicate birkenstock, but with a slight rise in the heel….just enough to make them the most comfortable sandals i have ever worn.  after many years of service they finally wore out, and i think i have them stashed away in a box somewhere because i could not bear to part with them.

fast forward 20 years or so, and i have a light bulb moment:  maybe they still make those mephistos!  now one can search on-line, so i did.  oh, so close and yet so far.  they are named “heidi,” and ZAPPOS, AMAZON, and NORDSTROM carry them, but only in brown.  esme is just not a brown sandal person.  after hours at the computer, i finally located a few pairs in black—in canada and the u.k.  one didn’t ship to the u.s., the other charged shipping that was prohibitively high.  in the meantime i’ve ordered some mephistos with a toe-strap (helens).  not exactly what i had in mind but i’m trying to be open to all possibilities.

ah, the highs and lows of a fashion quest….wouldn’t trade them for the world (well..maybe for a pair of black mephisto heidis).





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