by admin on May 19, 2014

it was a hot day in carmel (pushing 80 for goodness sakes!).  sundresses were bursting out all over.  time to rummage in the back of the closet to see if the sleeveless things one had bought in a state of hopefulness in years gone by were still there.  score!  i found a little PRAIRIE UNDERGROUND frock that i must have purchased before the great recession.

and the frock would be perfect with the SAS sandals that i had discovered the day before.  these, btw, i had uncovered in the basement of HEDI’S shoes in the carmel barnyard.  locals may recall that HEDI’S had a wonderful outlet store across the courtyard from their regular store.  this has disappeared, but now there is a little-known discount section within the main store.  on a tip from a locker room buddy, i had decided to look into SAS shoes, previously passed over as just too homely.  indeed, most of them are (homely) but i happened upon a pair of chunky black sandals that had just the right blend of jolie and laide and were even in my size!  i am here to tell you that these are the most comfortable shoes i’ve ever worn, and they were 70% off besides!

anyway, when i first put this outfit together i had donned a tank top under the dress, as the neckline was a bit low.  however, soaring temperatures soon persuaded me that the tank was a bad idea and i was seen about town with a peak of cleavage playing feminine with my anti-girly shoes.

why not??




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