by admin on June 28, 2014


so many projects, so little time!  shopping has taken a back seat these days and esme must apologize to her readers for being hors de combat.  despite a time of some chaos, however, i have managed to add some pivotal pieces to my wardrobe.  first and foremost, i’m happy to report the acquisition of a long-searched-for waist purse.  turns out it had been staring me in the face lo these many months at–guess where?–SYLVIES.  a black lambskin bag (label:  dress to kill by jane mohr) not much bigger than a large wallet, this beauty is suspended by a leather strap that ties rather than buckles.  mind you it doesn’t hold much stuff, but is large enough for the pared down essentials, including an iphone.  it can be worn around the waist, across the body, or off the shoulder–the most versatile bag i’ve ever seen, and soft as a pet.  it hangs below the hip, peaking out from beneath one’s top or jacket so that one avoids the pregnant look so common with most waist purses or fanny packs.  the only problem i’ve discovered so far is that it tends to bang against one’s thigh as one strides, making it more suited to strolling in town than hiking or dog-walking (although i suspect that cat-walking would be just fine!)

quest closed!




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