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crea concept skirt pantaloon crea concept skirt pantaloon



as you have likely figured, esme’s shopping mojo has been at an all-time low.  this is not necessarily a bad thing.  part of it is that she really has plenty of clothes and that, at least for now, she seems to have found a look she can live with.  that said, a few recent discoveries have gotten her shopping juices going again.

esme should form a group called THE ECCENTRIC PANTS CLUB.  perhaps it will only have a membership of one, but eccentric pants seem to be gaining a wee bit of traction in the world of mainstream fashion.  many of the voluminous, strangely detailed bottoms that esme has collected over the years are suddenly coming into their own.  indeed, the words “fluid”, “volume”, and “over-sized” appear quite frequently in the fashion magazines.

my latest discovery is a fantastic pair of….can one really call them pants?….by CREA that i found on sale at SYLVIE’S.  black of course.  knit.  one of those garments where you stick your legs into little holes in the bottom and pull them up.  something between a skirt and a pant.  a drop-crotch garment where the crotch hits at your ankles!  too eccentric for most, but just esme’s cup of tea!  and mr. noir (high five buddy!) approves.  now how many husbands would do that?

these are so comfy.  i wear them with my ARCHE ankle boots.  the only problem is that the sweatshirt top that was meant to go with them was sold out.  internet to the rescue:  i found one on a british website (JULES B), and after some initial technical difficulty, ordered one right up!

can’t wait for the UPS truck to arrive,



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