by admin on December 5, 2014

IMG_6697anyone who has shopped for jeans knows that the experience is almost as excruciating as shopping for swimming suits.  bodily flaws are revealed.  one is too tight while the other is too loose.  One never knows if the jean will ultimately shrink, stretch, or stay exactly the same (and one certainly never knows what the body will do).  Then there’s the price:  often hundreds of dollars for a single pair of (sometimes pre-ripped) jeans.

esme recently happened upon a fun alternative to trying on every jean in town.  check out your local second hand store.  they usually have racks and racks of jeans, all pre-worn, pre-shrunk, and going for cents on the dollars.  i found a nice pair of mid-rise gap jeans in a light wash for the sum total of $4.50.    you’ll come across styles that are no longer available (mid-rise, loose jeans for instance) as well as recent vintages that someone bought for a hefty sum and then discarded.  it’s an opportunity to explore different designers and styles with minimal cost.  then if you fall in love, you can seek out a few more pairs at full price.  and if you don’t like them, recycle them back to the GOODWILL, the SPCA benefit shop, YELLOW BRICK ROAD, or your favorite second hand store.

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