by admin on May 7, 2015


i love having short hair.  i don’t mind being short (although i am NOT happy about getting shortER.)   i’m a big fan of short fingernails.  and i loved my short-haired terrier.  however, you all know by now that i find short shorts….well….repugnant.  what, you might wonder, about mini-skirts?  ever since i was a little kid i’ve been attracted to mini’s.  trolls, teeny boxes, ladybugs.  but even in the ’60’s i could never warm up to mini-skirts.  not that i hated them or anything, but i sure didn’t want to wear one.  mini’s are back in in a big way these days.  and they are SHORT.  oddly enough i don’t find myself skipping over them when i read my fashion mags.  indeed, some are rather fetching.  i think it’s because, unlike shorts, they do allow (perhaps a bit too much!) air circulation.  and i use a kind of mental auto-correct to picture myself wearing them like tunics, over leggings or trousers.  wouldn’t this one look fab over a pair of flowing silk pants?

not longing for mini-skirts,



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