About Esme

Esme Noir  is an eccentric,  highly educated (B. A. Yale University, Ph.D. California School of Professional Psychology), middle-aged woman who is addicted to shopping.  The thing she loves even more than shopping itself is thinking about shopping.  She is curious about the emotions  behind fashion choices.  She wonders about how clothing influences self-image.   She struggles to reconcile her changing body with available fashion choices.  Esme’s  stories are meant to amuse, inform, and provoke.  She welcomes thoughtful comments.

As to particulars, Esme is married to Mr. Noir, a  guy who loves all things beautiful and delicious (clothes, cars, art, wine, etc.).  The Noirs have a single offspring—a college-aged son named Christophe. The family also includes a little terrier named Hunter, who has his own opinions on fashion.  Esme is close to her aging parents.  She has 3 sisters–Roz, Ruby, and Rose, as well as several nephews and a niece.  All feature in her stories.

If you are new to her blog, Esme suggests you start your reading with her first episode:  IN WHICH I INTRODUCE MYSELF AND MY SHOPPING HISTORY.  Then, click around to whatever catches your fancy, until you come to the most current episodes.  Happy reading!



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